Christophe Cravero's music is situated between the ivory surface of the piano and the deep fiber of the viola. He generously unfolds his many talents through constellations of quality songs and jazz with a variety of influences. Great names have been knocking on his door since the 90s. Christophe Cravero, gentle and humble musician, expands the cohort of famous artists who surround themselves with the best to develop their career. Amongst those who have called upon him, we can mention violinist Didier Lockwood, singers Clarika, Marie-France, Jane Birkin, Dick Annegarn, Thomas Fersen and of course Sanseverino, whom he accompanies on tour once again in 2013.

Christophe Cravero is a man of musical adventures. As soon as he reached 8 years of age, he was taught at the Conservatoire in Marseille, then at the one in Saint-Maur des Fossés when he was 12. He excels in playing the alto, the violin, the piano and the drums. Drummer Billy Cobham notices this tireless worker in 2008. He then brings him on a worldwide tour, including a month in the United States. True musical partners since then, they collaborate dedicatedly and go back on tour in 2013.

Far from confining himself to what he’s familiar with, Christophe Cravero accumulates different experiences and starts by touring with Senegalese singer and drummer Idrissa Diop, then with Congolese bass player and music conductor Rido Bayonne. He also takes part in a project led by singer and bass player Etienne Mbappé, collaborates with accordion players Marc Berthoumieux and Ludovic Beier, tries out gypsy jazz with guitarists Romane and Stochelo Rosenberg… His latest experience, a masterstroke! Upon invitation by Hervé Legeay, he plays the violin/drums in the play “Un chapeau de paille d’Italie” at the Comédie Française for over 50 performances in 2012, with, at stake, a continuation of this work at the start of 2014.

Rich from all these experiences, Christophe Cravero undertakes composition. Going from one instrument to another, he juggles with notes and tempi. The bow and the touch melt under the fingers of this musician and offer us a cascade of musical universes.

Jack Guerrier